Restore Pictures from CF Card

Compact flash card is commonly known as CF card. It is used as storage device on various digital gadgets such as camcorder, digital camera, cell phones, handycam, music player, iPod etc. The storage capacity of these cards ranges from MB to GB. In comparison to other flash card types such as Smart Media, SD Card and Memory Stick, CF cards are little bit bigger in size. But due to its high data storage speed it is widely used in digital cameras. In-spite of all these qualities, so many CF card user are facing data loss problem.

To elaborate CF file loss issue let’s have a look on one real time scenario where you captured some pictures of your parent’s 25th wedding anniversary celebration from your new digital camera. In order to transfer the image files to your computer, you connect your camera CF card to the system with the help of card reader. Instead of copying the images you moved them from your Compact flash card to PC. But, in between file transferring process, your system suddenly restarted due to some error. As the system restarted, you get shocked after finding this that the image files are neither present on your CF card nor on your computer. Like this there are many more scenarios due to which users may face the problem of file loss from Compact flash card. Have a look on some of them:

Format Error: Sometime, as you connect the CF with your PC an error message pops up. This error message forces you to format your CF cad. For using this card further you have to choose format option and as you format the Compact flash card, you will lose entire data from it. For additional info click here.

Improper Removal: Instant ejecting of CF card from PC or from other storage device during image file moving/reallocating process, will ends with the file loss from CF card. Sometime this sudden removal of Compact flash card brings card corruption.

Sudden Power Failure: Unexpected power failure will shut down your system improperly. This improper termination of system when card is connected to it, will leads to card file system corruption. Once your card gets corrupt then you can’t able to access a single image file from it.

Human Fault: By mistake pressing on delete all button from your camera, mistakenly formatting an Compact flash card, formatting a volume without taking proper backup, saving the files using cut and paste command all are some basic mistake of users, due to which they have to face data loss.

If you want to overcome from above mentioned situation then make use of memory card recovery tool and restore image files from Compact flash card. With this tool you can restore all kinds of files including image files, audio and video files, text files and also RAW image files. Using this application it became very easy to restore formatted memory card data. It scans the selected drive and displays all the deleted / lost files from it.

First try trial version of this tool and if you are happy with the outcome of the trial version then go for the licensed version of the tool to save recovered images. The tool also provides a preview option to the image files before saving. It helps you in selecting correct images. You can even use this tool to restore memory card on Mac based system. Visit this site to know more about this utility

The lost or deleted image files from Compact flash card can be restored by using card recovery software. This restoration tool also helps you to restore pictures from Memory Stick, MMC card, SD card and many other memory card types. Follow few simple steps to restore files from Compact flash card:

Step 1: Download the card recovery tool and install it on a computer. Connect the Compact flash card to the computer and launch the software. Select Recover Photos option from the main page of the software.

Restore Images from a Compact Flash Card - Select Recover Photos

Fig 1: Select Recover Photos

Step 2: Select Recover Deleted Photos or Recover Lost Photos from the second window based on the data loss scenario. Select the drive of the CF card on the computer and scan the drive.

Restore Images from a Compact Flash Card - Select Drive

Step 3: You can go for scanning particular file types or all the files. After scanning, the files will be listed and displayed on the screen. Preview the files and activate the tool if you are using the demo version. Now save the files on a drive of the computer.

Restore Images from a Compact Flash Card - Preview Recovered Picture

Fig 2: Preview Recovered Picture

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